What’s going on in China’s (renewable) energy sector?

China Starts With New Nuclear Power Pricing System to Promote Innovation

China has announced a new nuclear power pricing system that features a national benchmark price. This new rule will attract increased capital into the nuclear industrial chain. The Chinese government hopes [...]

China Confirms Goal for 35 GW of Solar Capacity by 2015

The Chinese government announced that it plans to increase fivefold its installed solar capacity to more than 35 gigawatts by 2015 to support an industry that is struggling due to industry overcapacity, slow global [...]

China’s Environment Ministry Says ‘Yes’ to Country’s Biggest Hydro Dam

China has been at the forefront of hydroelectric development for a while now, with an enormous number of dams either constructed, in the works, or in the planning [...]

The world’s most energy efficient light bulb comes from China

The Chinese startup company Nanoleaf invented a new light bulb that saves 88% of electricity, and last 20 times longer compared to existing LED bulbs. And with 133 lumens-per-watts, it almost doubles the efficiency of a Philip’s 22-watt bulb [...]