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Address:        Binnenwieringerstraat 25

1013 EA Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Phone:          +31 6 422 338 95
Email:           info[at]innovativechina[dot]com

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If you have a burning question or you would like to share something that you think we definitely need to know about you can also find us on WeChat. Please scan our WeChat QR-code and start following us.

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InnovativeChina operates from:

Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

Hangzhou (China)



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If you want to reach InnovativeChina for partnership, sponsorship or just to say hi, please feel free to drop us a message using the form below.
Note: if you want to tell us about an interesting startup or inform us about a service or product in more detail, please use our Startup form. For tips on creative content (e.g. creative ad campaigns that use social media, mobile and/or augmented reality), please go to our Creative form.


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If you are amazed by China’s rapidly increasing level of innovativeness and all the cool, fun, and useful ideas that are turned into action every single day, the InnovativeChina team would like to welcome you to contact us for vacant editor, contributor or guest writing positions. Please include the following information with your application:


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