Fabian Nijlant
Fabian is a so-called ‘internet entrepreneur’ who gained his knowledge and experience at international companies like Hewlett Packard, TomTom, Shell and Sonos. Fabian got intrigued by the online innovation driven by companies like Alibaba and Tencent. He is convinced that although most people still look to the West for the latest and greatest in online, the real innovation takes place in the East. Fabian lives in Amsterdam and in addition to building InnovativeChina he helps companies in maximizing their global online sales. Contact him at fabian[at]innovativechina[dot]com.
Energy Nanoleaf Light Bulb
The world’s most energy efficient light bulb comes from China
The Chinese startup company Nanoleaf invented a new light bulb that saves 88% of electricity, and last 20 times longer compared to existing LED bulbs. And with 133 lumens-per-watts, it almost doubles the efficiency of a Philip’s 22-watt bulb [...]
Apps and Software Vending machine
The Vending Machine 2.0; Pay for your Snack with an App
Alipay, the Alibaba owned PayPal like online payment solution, announced a cooperation with 11 vending machine operators to integrate the Alipay payment solution in their machines [...]
Dev and Design Chinese Courier SF Express Tests Drone Delivery Service
Chinese Courier SF Express Tests Drone Delivery Service
Shenzhen-based SF Express, one of China's largest parcel companies, announced that it is testing delivering parcels with helicopter drones. The drones, which are reportedly developed in house (in Chinese) [...]
Social China police car
Traffic Accident in China’s City Guangzhou? Just Inform the Police via WeChat and You’re Done.
In Guangzhou the police introduced a new service via WeChat (also know as Weixin). When you’re unlucky and get involved in a minor traffic accident, you can just use WeChat to send a photo [...]
Web Camera360
China’s digital photo service start-up Camera360 secures $18m Series B funding
Camera360 launched in May 2010 and expanded its offering to a whole range of digital photo related online services. You can use Camera360 for taking pictures, sharing them, backing them up and [...]
e-Commerce Alibaba Jack Ma
Doubts arise about China’s upcoming record IPO Alibaba
Although Alibaba declines to comment on its plan to go public, it is a public secret that preparations are in full swing to return to the Hongkong Stock Exchange (SEHK) [...]
e-Commerce Alipay
Alipay is turning into a full-grown online bank by offering money market funds
Alipay – the Alibaba owned online payment system comparable with US PayPal – is offering its clients the ability to buy money market funds. The service was first launched in June 2013 [...]
Dev and Design The Chinese Academy of Sciences collaborates with Microsoft to work on sign-language recognition
The Chinese Academy of Sciences Collaborates With Microsoft to Work on Sign-Language Recognition
In their quest to use to Kinect's body reading capabilities to understand sign language inputs, Microsoft Research Asia has teamed up with [...]
Social Sina Weibo Used As Super-Fast Earthquake Notification Service
‘Sina Weibo Testing “Pay-for-Retweet” Feature’
One of China's leading techblogs Techweb reports today that Sina Weibo, China's largest microblog with over 500 million registered users, is testing a feature that lets users buy influential retweets [...]
e-Commerce Xiami1
Xiami.com Launches Music Market Place
Xiami.com, the Alibaba acquired music platform, launched today a music market place allowing independent musicians and small record companies to sell their music to the public directly. [...]
e-Commerce WeChat’s strategy to make money
WeChat’s Strategy To Make Money
WeChat - the fast growing instant messaging platform (Chinese competitor of WhatsApp) - is revealing its strategy on how to make money with their free app. They enable their corporate customers to make online transactions with their customers via WeChat [...]
e-Commerce NYSE
e-Commerce Exit in China: IPO the Way to Go
Looking at the total of e-Commerce investments in Asia from 2010, China is the leading country by taking $4.8 billion of the total $6.9 billion invested. What is the exit strategy for e-Commerce companies in China? [...]
Web guahao.com
Faster, Cheaper and More Convenient: Taobao Offers Nationwide Free Hospital Appointments
China’s biggest online shopping website, Taobao, with almost 500 million registered users started to offer free online hospital appointments. Goal is to stop scalpers making a lot of money [...]
Apps and Software eMarketer
Chinese Love Their Smartphone More than Americans
According to the US website eMarketer Chinese smartphone users are – compared to US smartphone users - more active in finding new apps. China is expected to count 321.9 million smartphone users this year [...]
Apps and Software taxi
Apps Bring Ultimate Free Market to Regulated Chinese Taxi Fares
Chinese taxi fares are regulated by the government. But will they hold against new apps that perfectly match the supply and demand for taxi rides? [...]
e-Commerce Sephora China
Why Open a Flagship Store in China, When eCommerce is the Way to Go?
When foreign retailers or manufacturers decide to enter the Chinese market, their strategy is mostly build on opening some prominent flagship stores. Shanghai is a popular destination [...]