The world’s most energy efficient light bulb comes from China

Nanoleaf Light Bulb

Nanoleaf Light Bulb

The Nanoleaf Light Bulb

The Chinese startup company Nanoleaf invented a new light bulb that saves 88% of electricity, and last 20 times longer compared to existing LED bulbs. And with 133 lumens-per-watts, it almost doubles the efficiency of a Philip’s 22-watt bulb. And with more efficiency the bulb stays relatively cool as well.

The one thing Nanoleaf didn’t solve yet is the perceived ‘harsh’ light. Some customers say they find the light being a little bit blue. Nanoleaf is therefore preparing the introduction of a warmer-colored light bulb.

Hongkong based Nanoleaf originally saw the light via a campaign on Kickstarter (the project was called NanoLight). They received immense support and enough funding to turn their idea into mass production. At a later stage Horizon Ventures, a capital firm owned by Asia’s richest man Li Ka-Shing, provided additional funding (exact amount is undisclosed).

The Nanoleaf light bulb is already available for sale at Amazon US for the price of $ 35,-