China’s Social Media Landscape 2013 [INFOGRAPHIC]

CIC - China Social Media Landscape 2013

China’s leading social business intelligence provider CIC has summarized its most recent findings about China’s social media landscape into an easy-to-digest diagram [summarized in 216 words].

In this diagram the company gives an overview of the most significant social media platforms up to this date. The figure includes well-known brands as Taobao, WeChat and Baidu but also less familiar brands such as professional network Ushi and dating network Jiayuan.

All companies are assigned to 4 categories, based on stage of maturity and functional dependency:

1. Functional Networks
these networks provide basic support for other platforms OR have been integrated into other platforms. So, they include Q&A, Wiki, Blog, Doc-Sharing and LBS.

2. Core Networks
Core networks are those sectors that are currently seen as most influential within China’s social media landscape. These networks include Micro-Blog, SNS, IM, Mobile Social, Video & Music, BBS, Rating & Review, and e-Commerce.

3. Value-added Networks
These networks are based on core networks and other platforms but aim to provide additional service. These include things like Social Commerce, Social Aggregators, Social Gaming and Social Search.

4. Emerging/Niche Networks
Platforms that perform a relatively independent function, or specifically target niche groups. This includes Online Travel, Light Blogs, Dating Networks, Business Social, Enterprise Social, Photo Sharing and Social TV. These are the emerging platforms to which brands need pay special attention.

CIC provides a nice overview of the developments in China’s social media landscape over the last five years.

000018 - China Social Media Landscape 2013 (CIC)

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    wonderful infographic!

  • Thijs van der Toom